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Widen the areas of import and export of parts accomplishing what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go by providing Quality products.

Empower people through quality parts at economical pricing!


Our vision is to increase the line of items EX stock thus ensuring too fulfill the market requiremets. Set above high standards and be one of the top companies whom people wants to eagerly join.

Value Proposition & Code of Ethics


  • Our Value Proposition

All Al Rustamani finished products are according to customer specifications and consistently meet customers’ quality expectations and requirements. All our products are procured thorugh checks. Our Values include

  •   Customer importance
  •   Commitment to quality
  •   Commitment to innovation
  •   Respect for individual employee
  •   Importance of honesty
  •   Duty to stockholders
  •   Duty to suppliers
  •   Corporate citizenship
  •   Protecting the environment


  • Our Business Code of Ethics

While pursuing our mission, our company and our employees undertake to practice the highest possible levels of respect for others and the environment. Our Business Code of Ethics sets out, in detail, the expectations of management.

Members of the management team undertake to communicate the policy to all employees, company representatives, business partners and stakeholders; and actively encourage Our suppliers to follow the code, which reads as follows:
We strive to ensure:

  • Honesty and integrity in all that we do;
  • Uniform standards of behaviour;
  • High quality products and services delivered on time, to specification;
  • A culture of continual improvement that encourages employee participation;
  • Optimum utilisation of available resources;
  • Continual review of objectives and standards;
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation;
  • Conformance to applicable international management best practices;
  • Participation in international benchmarking;
  • Proper identification, control and, where possible, elimination, of health and safety hazards to employees and the community.
  • A commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

We are equally committed to absolute quality in our products and the services we offer. This is reflected in our corporate certification to several major international quality standards.